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It's easy to see what the children get out of all this fun and games but what about the adults who keep all the groups running. Fortunately it's not all planning and paper work, we get to join in all the fun as well, there are very few places that I get the opportunity to slither round the floor pretending to be a snake, make a grass head or sing silly songs about worms.

If you're still not convinced here's what some of the other adults said when I asked them why they do it

  • The personal satisfaction of seeing children enjoying themselves through something you have done.
  • Playing - making a fool of yourself for good reason.
  • To enjoy the camaraderie around the camp fire/log fire
  • Meeting with like minded adults
  • Seeing young people grow from Elfins to Pioneers to Venturers to DF's and then to being close friends
  • Enjoying camping and walking along with a group of like minded people.
  • Knowing that you make a difference to a young persons life
  • Singing with friends - usually round a camp fire
  • Building up my CV
  • Enhancing organisation skills
  • Personal development of skills such as diplomacy, management, team leadership
  • Watching the children learn new skills