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Letters Leaflets and forms
Adult membership form Please note this does not include the CRB form.
General information leaflet Black and white leaflet giving general information and contact details for folk house (word 97 147KB)
Child registration form Basic health and consent form (word 97 33KB)
Health Form Health and conset form for residential trips (word 97 36KB)
Accident form Detailed two part accident form, one part for parents one for group records (word 97 37KB)
Parents information sheet General information about the woodcraft folk with specific information on your group aimed parents of new group members (word 97 47KB
The Envoi 5 to a page (word 97 20KB)

Folk Symbols
Folk Symbol In full colour (bitmap 67KB)
Black and white Folk Symbol Good for use on letters etc (bitmap 67KB)
Folk Symbol outline Outline version for colouring in (bitmap 50KB)
75th Birthday badge (no text) Full colour (jpeg 54KB)
75th Birthday badge (with text) Full colour with empowering young people text below (jpeg 55KB)
Black and white 75th Birthday Outline version (jpeg 53KB)