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The Woodcraft Folk has several age group although individual groups may cater for more than one of these age groups.

Woodchips - under sixes
Elfins 6-9
Pionners 10-12
Venturers 13-16
District Fellows (DFs) 16-20

Most groups meet weekly for a couple of hours though again this varies from group to group. Each group must have at least two adult members and register with Folk House.

Districts and Lone Groups

Where several groups meet in the same local area they come together to form a district. A district can consist of any number of groups. A district may contain any selection of age groups. Most districts organise regular meetings to keep the groups in touch and organise joint activities and camps.

When only one group meets in an area it is known as a lone group.

Area Networks

Sometimes districts join together to form area networks. Each area network is different but they help in the planning of larger events and in some cases handle the funding received from their local Coop.

The Region and Regional Committee

The Southwest region stretches form Penzance to Oxford. As it is such a large area it is difficult to organise many events across the region, however there is an annual regional gathering (usually late autumn) and plans for a regional camp in summer 2005.

The regional committee is elected at the regional gathering and consists of 8 people. The committee organises the regional gathering and other events across the region, particularly training days and weekends.

regional structure