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Our Aims and Principles state

the movement will determine its policy and programme by the democratic involvement of its members at all levels. Its Annual Conference shall have the final responsibility for directing policy and programme.”

Democracy is a form of government in which the major decisions of government -- or the direction of policy behind these decisions -- rests directly or indirectly on the freely given consent of the majority of the adults governed.


Central decisions of the Woodcraft Folk are made either by

  • Resolution at Annual Conference, or by
  • General Council

All members of the Woodcraft Folk may participate in the organisation's democracy by selecting a delegate to the Annual Conference.

Delegates at Conference affect the Woodcraft Folk decisions by

  • Voting on Motions to Conference
  • Voting in the Ballot for General Council members



the Woodcraft Folk and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with this constitution by trustees who shall be members of the General Council


You are a member by joining a registered “Group” and

“any person 13 years and over” may be an individual member

Delegates at conference

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